Mitsubishi Rosa


Rosa provides comfortable and safe travel experience to all passengers. Forward position of passenger entrance door makes it easier for driver to see passengers entering/exiting the bus. Seatbelts on every seat. Rear air-conditioning system with integrated roof vents located throughout cabin. And Switchable fresh air duct at rear of vehicle. Making both driving and travelling a more enjoyable sensation.


FUSO's light duty bus offers additional safety and comfort features that can help detect certain driver errors ahead of time to prevent accidents, reduce risk of injury and increase driver and passenger confidence.

LED headlamps provide better night-time visibility, Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS) and Electronic Stability Program (ESP) detect vehicle position and controls vehicle stability in the case of side slip or rollover, and Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) helps drivers keep the Rosa and its passengers traveling more safely on freeways and local roads alike.


A revamped interior means drivers feel more at ease at the wheel, leaving them more energy and attention to focus on vehicle control throughout the entire day. Revised switches and instrument panel ergonomics now see controls effortlessly at hand, while Bluetooth audio makes hands-free calls possible.

Passengers also receive an improved experience when riding the new Rosa, with redesigned seat materials and LED line lights.

FUSO's Rosa light duty bus can be deployed in a variant that enables operators to match capacity and efficiency to maximize business benefits.

Performance, utility, longevity: FUSO engines have it all. Smooth-shifting transmissions enhance fuel economy.

Design and Drivability
Aerodynamic contours increase fuel efficiency. Drivability and comfort keep drivers fresh and alert.

Service and Support
Easier, less frequent maintenance plus outstanding service and sort mean more time on the road.