MAN Lion Coach


With our MAN Lion's Coach long-distance buses and coaches, you can now travel with even greater comfort, reliability, safety and efficiency. MAN offer environmentally friendly solutions for transport – tailored to the individual needs of every passenger.


The new MAN Lion's Coach guarantees outstanding driving comfort, with a drive power of up to 510 hp. And all this with low fuel consumption and compliance with the strict emission standard Euro 5 or 6.

A lion you can always rely on. With its technically advanced components with long-term reliability and the comprehensive service offered by MAN, the Lion among coaches guarantees optimal vehicle availability and a maximum level of utilisation.

Reliability has a whole new meaning with MAN Lion's Coach. With its powerful Common-rail engines, perfectly tuned Gearbox and extended maintenance intervals, the Lion's Coach can now be on the move for longer, with more power and efficiency guaranteed.


A superbly designed and highly efficient driveline >> Combined with fuel-efficient assistance systems.

A Noticeable reduction in time spent at workshop >> Thanks to the extended service intervals and the MAN service interval calculator.

Full light-emitting diode headlights >> That can take care of all light functions at the front and rear for increased active safety throughout the vehicle's service life.

Much higher resistance to corrosion >> As the innovative manufacturing process means there is no need for the engine compartment flap to have a steel frame (no compromise is made on dimensional stability as a result).


A new multi-part front panel concept, With a significant improvement to the kinetics. Alongside the optimised operating concept, it is now easier to get hold of and replace individual parts, meaning that the costs of repairs and the time taken for servicing can be cut down.

As well as being a sound investment, the MAN Lion's Coach also guarantees maximum safety for all passengers thanks to innovative assistance systems, the torsion-proof skeleton with fire protection, and the bigger glass skylight, which makes it even easier to escape in case of emergency.

The cockpit has been revised too – it now features an even more user-friendly operating concept and helps to significantly increasing safety levels on journeys.


Modifications to the interior for increased safety

The ergonomically designed cockpit offers intuitive operation while driving, meaning that the driver can fully concentrate on the road.

The new, bigger glass skylight/emergency exit hatch features high UV filtration to protect passengers from the sun and offers increased safety by providing an easier option of escape in case of emergency.

New skeleton design in line with ECE R66.02.

  • Torsion-proof skeleton with fire and smoke detection system
  • Patented 'pipe-in-pipe' technology
  • Use of high-strength steels
  • Extremely stable roll bar with additional inner pipe near the B-pillar and at the rear.

Innovative assistance systems

  • Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)
  • Electronic Brake System (EBS)
  • Electronic Stability Program (ESP)
  • MAN BrakeMatic® with brake control and cruise control
  • MAN EfficientCruise® GPS-controlled cruise control
  • MAN TipMatic®
  • Lane Guard System (LGS)
  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
  • WiFi