Hyundai Universe Space Luxury


Universe has been tailored to satisfy the needs of passengers, meeting the highest comfort and safety standards. Passenger features include individual luxury seats and LED lamps throughout the cabin. The driver is aided by the multi-display instrument cluster and the Easy Hill Start (EHS) feature.


Universe has been tailored to satisfy the needs of passengers which comes in a 28/41/43/45 Seating Capacity.

Monocoque Body

Universe has monocoque body enhancing structural rigidity and providing light-weight body construction. This contributes to reduction in vibration and better roll over protection.

Electro Deposition System

Hyundai has a large-capacity electrostatic priming tank that can accommodate the entire bus body, and it provides maximum corrosion protection by reaching previously unreachable areas.



Every noise and vibration had been traced, with emphasis on eliminating N.V.H from the design stages. Also features air suspensions, aerodynamic and highly rigid integral body.

Superior low noise, low vibration, and high safety.


Air Conditioning

With the integrated air conditioner and centralized heater system, the cabin can be maintained. The air inside is ventilated and circulated to provide clean and fresh air all the time

Under-floor heater (1 heater unit under the floor + Duct + Auxiliary heater)

Heating performance at rearmost passenger seat: 16°C 28°C. Noise is reduced by 8dB. Maintenance for heater unit and application of plug-in type filter


Other features for Hyundai Universe Space Luxury include:

  • Windshield glass defroster
  • Roof Vent
  • Sub heater under the floor
  • Black bezel head lamp / Protrusion typed front bumper and fog lamp
  • Two piece windshield glass / Parallel type Wiper / Standard outside rear view mirror
  • Jake Brake