Hyundai Express Noble


Hyundai Express Noble has been tailored to satisfy the needs of passengers with high quality and comfortable space. Passenger features include individual luxury seats and Standard shelves with LED lamp (OPT). Wide front head lining (Noble only) and Foldable armrest.


Hyundai's CV buses prioritize dynamic performance. The Express Noble comes with a High Decker and a Powerful and economical D6 Engine.

Noble comes with Luxury beyond imagination with the Dashboard designed in Wood grain. With Multi-functional reclining seats, Power window and air conditioning controls, LED floor lamp, New fluorescent room lamp & Mood lamp & 2-row LED line light, Lid type shelves, Driver's additional overhead shelf, Swing-out type entrance & middle door, Integrated Air-conditioning system, Huge Baggage area and the Bus comes with Front / Rear aluminum wheels.


Other features for Hyundai Universe Space Luxury include:

  • Clear head lamp
  • Streamlined front bumper and fog lamp
  • Rear bumper with reverse warning system (OPT)
  • Chassis system controls
  • Powertech engine
  • Electro magnetic radiator
  • ZF Retarder
  • Auto slack adjuster
  • Jake brake
  • Gradual parking brake