Golden Dragon Kast


Kast 31-Seater premium business coach boasts better acceleration performance and generates much less noise. A trial operation of Kast premium business coach shows that it takes less than six seconds for the vehicle to accelerate from a complete standstill to a speed of 40 km/h and less than ten seconds from 0 to 60 km/h. In addition, passengers barely experience any sudden unstable movements while on board.


Golden Dragon has gone over a great deal of efforts in cutting down the noise generated by the vehicle by conducting a thorough investigation of engine mount bracket, chassis and various joints of the vehicle body.

A noise test shows that Kast premium business coach has cut the noise level by an average of 7 dB compared with that of its predecessor.

With an obvious sedan-like dashboard and luxury furnishings in the passenger areas, Kast premium business coach assumes a strong business air and immediately inspires awe. Some small details such as the color of the dashboard, the size of the glass window and the shape of the air outlets, speak volume of Golden Dragon's relentless pursuit of high craftsmanship.


Kast premium business coach is equipped with a tailor-made 4.8L Engine and six-speed automatic transmission gearbox coming from a U.S based Manufacturer 'PSI Corp'. With this engine the coach delivers more powerful performances and achieves higher fuel economy.

Another highlight of Kast premium business coach is its slim body. With such an agile body, it is also equipped with an eddy current retarder and front and rear stabilizer bars, both of which have significantly raised the safety standards of the vehicle when it is braking and steering at a high speed.